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Questions to ask a girl

New top popular cars for women



Our top women’s car is not built on priorities, there are no first and last places, the best and less good cars. We simply selected the most promising, successful and popular models that are worth paying attention to. To give primacy, you decide for yourself.

1- Ford Fiesta: Having seen this car once, it will already be difficult to forget it. So bright and memorable is its appearance. Because Ford Fiesta often becomes the choice of the weaker sex. Not only the appearance attracts this car, because it is reliable and comfortable to use. Despite its compact appearance, the interior is spacious and the trunk is roomy. Such a car, even in the rapid flow of cars will stand out and just will not get lost.


2- Nisaan Juke: For several years, this product of the Japanese car industry is included in the ratings of cars for girls. Each modification is distinguished by an extraordinary design, a powerful engine and delights customers with advanced technologies.


3- Peugeot 208: Peugeot cars are regular participants in the ratings of the best cars for women. This time we have identified the Peugeot 208 hatchback. This compact, neat car makes you fall in love at first sight. Each line is in its place, creating a harmonious composition along with other elements of the body. This car is interesting from all sides. The salon is full of technologies and innovations that make the operation comfortable and enjoyable. Reliability is also at a high level, making a worthy competition to many German cars. The manufacturer also took care of maneuverability, bringing its performance to a high level. We, like many experts, consider this model to be the best subcompact that is ideal for a female choice.


4-Hyundai Solaris: By demand, this car beats all records. It has everything a woman needs for comfortable movement in the city and beyond: access to the salon without a key; start the engine with a button; Rear View Camera; modern audio system and other convenient technologies. You can choose a model with a 1.4-liter powertrain KAPPA (100 horses) or a variant with a Gamma engine (123 horses). The list of advantages complements the economy – a car spends only 5.7 liters per hundred kilometers.


5- Mercedes Benz a class: This class “C” hatchback was introduced in 2018 in Amsterdam, and then in Geneva. Here, almost everything has changed, but all the same characteristic features of Mercedes are clearly visible. A new salon, designed in the style of hi-tech; virtual dashboard combined with a multimedia system screen; voice control; automatic adjustment of the system under its owner; third generation autopilot; trunk 370 l .; a large set of adjustments for the front seats (massager, ventilation, adjustable pneumocamera); large selection of engines (1.3-liter gasoline turbo engine, 2-liter turbo engine and diesel); robotic gearbox on 7 steps and “mechanics” on 6 steps. Perhaps this option will be for you the leader among the best cars for women. We advise not to hurry – there will be presented some more interesting cars.


6-Toyota C-hr: If you choose the best car for women solely in appearance, then the C-HR from Toyota will definitely come first. Its subcompact sizes are wonderfully combined with a bright design and amazing style. The manufacturer did not equip his creation with a hydromechanical automatic. Because you have to be content with the variator. It works in tandem with a 1.2-liter engine capable of delivering power at 148 horses.


7- Mazda 3 and CX-5: Female CX-5 crossover looks like a predator with a playful appearance. It is compact, but roomy and spacious, comfortable and technologically perfect. In short, the perfect option for an active woman. You can choose from two options: The model with all-wheel drive is equipped with two types of engines (2 liters, 150 horses and 2.5 liters, 194 horses) and aggregated automation in 6 steps. More affordable is a crossover with monoprivodom and two-liter engine.


8- Smart Forease: We could not ignore the company Smart, which produces some of the most compact cars. Each model is popular, in the line of this brand there is no outsider. We decided to go ahead and consider the absolute novelty, which will be presented at the Paris Motor Show. This car is a fresh vision of urban mobility. Riding around the city comes to a new level of comfort. The pleasure of using this car will be at its best. The manufacturer did not regret for Smart Forease technologies, making it innovative and modern.


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Questions to ask a girl

20 topics for talking with a girl



1- Cinema is a universal theme. We start with the question: “Have you been to the cinema *?” We find out that you like to watch, go to night shows, talk about new products and invite you to a movie – it’s in the bag!


2- Hobbies: For example, you ride roller skates or collect stamps. In the first case, after a short conversation, you can invite a ride. If you can not – promise to teach. In the second – tell a romantic story related to your favorite brand and invite to see the collection. In the conversation, do not forget to ask what the girl is interested in, and give time to tell about it.


3- Literature: Does a girl like to read? If yes, go ahead. What did you read lately? Which writer is your favorite? Tell us what you read. Maybe you know which book will be filmed soon? Already read a new book from the series she liked? Promise to give to read.


4- Museums, memorable places. In any city, their weight. You need to pick up a guide and remember information at least about those where you are most often. Then, at any time, you can think about something like this: “Do you know that Pushkin lived in this house (James Bond, Carlson)?” We are interested in ladies’ favorite places, tell a romantic story about your favorite park and invite you to take a walk.


5- Bad habits: It is better to talk about the “sweet” flaws: the habit of constantly being late, losing the handles, or vice versa – collecting them from everyone you know is unnoticeable. The main thing is to have fun.

Bad habits

6- Money: To talk about how much daily travel and food, disks, books cost is a good opportunity to start a conversation. True, it is not worth delaying it, they will still think that you are a miser. After a couple of opinions go to another topic. For example, for food.


7-Food: From family dinners with grandmother’s pies to favorite dishes, exotic seafood, good cafes, barbeque trips, etc. Inviting to your favorite cafe or out of town on weekends will be perfectly logical in this case.


8- Travel, walks: You can talk about your recent journey. Ask where the girl likes to walk, ride, about her favorite weather for walks, where she would like to go. What more like – forest, mountains or diving into the unknown depths of the sea for treasure.

Travel, walks

9- Cars, transport: Ask if the girl is driving a car. If not, is there a desire? What kind of cars do you like? What other transport would you like to control – a spacecraft or an armored personnel carrier? Share your thoughts on the car of your dreams.

Cars, transport

10- Work and study: Tell a couple of funny situations from your work or school practice. Ask about teamwork: are common holidays arranged, ask for bosses and teachers. There will definitely be something in common in these stories, something to laugh about.

Work and study

11- Relaxation: What do you do on weekends? With any answer to the question, we do not criticize anything, even if the girl does not get up from the couch all day, eating cakes in kilograms. Maybe she has terribly hard work, and this is compensation for stress. Your task is to keep the conversation going.


12- Sport: Start gently with your favorite sports. If you hear that the girl is engaged in ballet or dancing, do not rush to laugh “in all crow’s throats”. Try standing in front of the mirror, standing on tiptoes, raising your legs, sitting down, jumping, and at the same time waving your hands beautifully for a couple of hours in a row. Your torments will have nothing in common with ballet, but you will feel the degree of pressure. Famous athletes, gyms, types of swimming, sports tourism – so much.


13- From sport to health: Here is the time to say that it is better to ride bicycles in the fresh air than sniff glue in basements. You can philosophize on this topic together. Unless, of course, the girl does not yawn during your moral lecture.

From sport to health

14- Religion: Do you believe in God, in fate, are you interested in Buddhism, the history of religions, do not even believe in chance, etc.? Do not hesitate to ask whether she believes in predestination from above or believes that a person creates her own destiny. Do you feel that your meetings are not random? Hint at this. It may be an interesting conversation.


15- Relations: Here you can ask what kind of guy she would like to meet. What will not tolerate: treason, tediousness, greed, etc. In response, express your opinions. Ask about your friends, tell us about yours. Just do not start scrupulously sorting out ex-girlfriends.


16- Children: Kids, younger brothers and sisters, tribes and acquaintances. There will definitely be something to discuss: ridiculous statements, leprosy, moods. If the lady you have chosen is already a mom, the conversation can be endless. You can find out how serious a person is in front of you.

Children Kids

17- Gifts, holidays: What is the best holiday? What kind of gifts do you like? Give or receive? About yourself – necessarily. For example: you love winter, New Year, Santa Claus and swimming in the ice-hole under the tangerine rain in some flippers.

Gifts, holidays

18- Clothing: Be sure to compliment her beautiful appearance. Make fun of your favorite jeans. Ask: How does she feel about the guys working on the podium? Hint that a woman in any clothes is beautiful – any real man knows about it.


19- Pets: Subject win-win, if you just do not run into a frank psychopath. Does she have a cat, a dog, a rat, a fish, a parrot? Praise! To tell about their pets without fail. Imagine what your favorite iguana and its guinea pigs would do together.


20- Sex: You can shock the girl, with the move, telling about their sexual preferences. True, the result will be extremely dubious. Therefore, wait until your relationship becomes really close. In the meantime, you can talk about famous couples: do they really fit together?

About Sex

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Questions to ask a girl

The list of interesting questions to ask a girl – Top 35



Do fairy tales that we read in childhood influence the choice of a partner in adult life?


Have you ever taken antidepressants or sedatives?


Which is more like: Facebook or Instagram?


Do you think the difference in age between a boy and a girl is important?


Are you an emotional person?


Were you named after your grandmother?


Do you believe in fate?


Do you dream often?


Do you like winter?


Describe your dream home?


Do you think I like your mom?


Do you often eat in cafes and restaurants?


At what point does a girl become a woman?


Ever lend money to friends or relatives?


Often cheated at school?


Do you cook well? What is best?

Do you cook well? What is best?

What is your favorite dish?

What is your favorite dish?

Favorite cheese?

Favorite cheese?

Favorite soft drink?

Favorite soft drink?

Describe a typical day of your life?

Describe a typical day of your life?

Easy to make new acquaintances?

Your idol?

How do you usually spend your weekend?

Do you have boyfriend friends?

Ever cheated on your young man?

What is the most unnecessary purchase you have made?

Ever been on a diet?

Describe yourself in one sentence?

Do you believe in the afterlife?

Do you believe in ghosts?

Do you have a brother or sister?

Do you blog on the Internet?

Do you listen to music? What style do you like the most?

Describe your dream vacation?

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Shower or bath?

Like to go camping?

Do you like to dance?

Swam in the ocean?

What is your mood right now?

Do you live in a house or in a flat?

Do you have a secret that no one else knows about?

Do you have scars on you?

Easy to make decisions?

Did you read the Bible?

These are the questions you can ask a girl. I hope, in some situation, they will really help you to learn interesting information about your girlfriend and bring acquaintance to another level. Successes!

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Questions to ask a girl

30 Interesting questions that you can ask a girl when communicating in social media or real life



In this article you will find the most interesting questions that you can ask a girl when communicating in social media or in real life. Sometimes there are situations when you need to keep the conversation going or “warm up” the atmosphere of the acquaintance. In order to avoid an awkward pause, at such moments just one or several questions from the list below come in handy.

1- Tell us about the funniest moment from your life that happened lately?


2- Will you call me after this walk?


3- Have you been offered to marry?


4- What sports car brand do you like best?


5- Do you think the fish is thirsty?


6- Ever been taken to the police station?


7- Like to experiment and try something new in life?


8- Do you believe in the love of all life?


9- What would you like to change in your appearance?


10- Who had the greatest influence on you in life?


11- The biggest lack of relationships?


12- What is your best character trait?


13- Ever had a sudden orgasm?


14- What do you usually do to attract a guy?


15- What are the 3 most attractive features for you in men?


16- How far can you go on your first date?


17- Ever waited for a welcome call all day?


18- Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?


19- Did you sleep in childhood with soft toys?


20- Ever felt hatred for the one she loved?ü


21- What is your favorite book? Why?

22- What makes you smile?

23- If there was an opportunity to dive into a pool filled to your liking, what would be there?

24- What is your favorite joke?

25- If I catch you masturbating, will you continue, stop, or pretend that there was nothing?

26- How were you punished as a parent in childhood?

27- Can you immediately understand when someone is lying to you?

28- Do you play sports now? If so, how?

29- More like father or mother?

30- Do you want to have children?

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